We’re not getting a dog.

The Man and I went for a late lunch at Haymaker today. In between bites of his delicious croque monsieur (omg go eat that sandwich immediately), he leaned toward me and said “I’m glad we didn’t get a dog.”

In case I haven’t already told you about this, we just came out of a three-month frenzy of looking at dogs. We researched even the most obscure breeds, spent hours at the local shelter every weekend getting kisses from sweet doggies (and sometimes being dog-farted on), refreshed Craigslist every five minutes, and put in applications for a few of the best contenders. And after all of this–months of this every day and every weekend–we realized we didn’t actually want a dog.

Sure, we’re all about having a cute fluffy thing around. Yes, we’re all about feeling a little extra joy when something greets us with unconditional love every day when we come home. We are all aboard the train of spamming your Facebook feed with videos of adorable hijinks.

But we realized we aren’t really interested in sharing. We like having our king bed to ourselves! It’s so big and squishy that it feels like we’re sleeping on two adjacent clouds that periodically bump up against each other. We like being fully in control of our own schedules–sleeping in until 9 on weekends (crazy, I know), going to the gym or a happy hour after work and not feeling guilty that we’re asking the other to “run home and let the dog out because I’ll be home late.” I like not feeling obligated to vacuum dog hair off of our microfiber couch or forever wiping snot and slobber off of windows. And I really, really like not paying to feed, entertain, and maintain the health of a creature entirely dependent upon me.

We are lucky to have many people in our lives we do want to share with. We do want to share our time, love, and energy with our friends and families (and their dogs). We are so lucky to have parents we adore, siblings who support all of our crazy ideas, and friends who challenge us to be and do better. Our hearts are full.

So, no. No dogs for us. Instead, we will continue our life of basking in the sunshine on the patios of great restaurants, enjoying extended silence at home, sharing only when we actually want to, and spending money on ourselves like the smug capitalists we are. Aw yeah.


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