We bought a house!

You guys! We bought a house!

Well, we actually bought a house a few weeks ago, but now I feel like I can talk about it without jinxing something. We’ve got almost everything buttoned up: inspectors have inspected, and negotiations have been negotiated. We’re t-minus 21 days to closing, and 30 days from moving in.

I know that, once we’re settled in, the stress and anxiety we’ve felt will be washed away by the joy and pride we get from being homeowners. I’m excited not only to have my own space, but to have a space to share with others.

I grew up in a small house that was big on community. My parents spent a lot of time and energy making our house a home for not only my brother and I, but also every single one of our friends. The purple (yes, purple) front door of the Thomas house was always open for overnight LAN parties, summer evenings spent crowded around a hookah in our backyard gazebo, or spontaneous soup kitchens for hungry teenagers. It holds so many sweet memories.

The front door at our new house isn’t purple and I don’t have even a fraction of my mother’s talent for cooking, but I’m so looking forward to making a home and sharing it with you.

But until then,
I’ll be right here.


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