The Man is buying a house

I love renting. I love that when something breaks, I don’t have to put forth any time, energy, or money fixing it. It’s all the goodness of having your own space with none of the work.

Kevin is less enthusiastic about renting. He’s ready to cut out a little piece of Earth for himself and willing to do the work to make that happen. So, he’s going to buy a house, we’re going to move into it, and he’ll be my landlord.

We’ve met with a realtor, watched hundreds of MLS emails filter through our inboxes, and toured open houses on the weekend in neighborhoods we’re considering. We’ve debated the merits of fourplexes versus single-family homes and begun budgeting for new furniture. Hours and hours of time and we’re just now getting a feeling for the market.

Even trying to understand the market and where you fit in it is thoroughly exhausting.  It’s physically exhausting to trudge through house after house in the Texas summer heat. It’s mentally exhausting to remember what you like, where you don’t, and to be polite to strangers who are trying to sell to you. And, most of all, it’s emotionally exhausting to work through your expectations with your partner and figure out how much each of you will compromise and on what points.

Home buying is a lot to add on top of your daily life, and that’s where it must go: on top. Unless you’re willing to blow through your PTO at an alarming rate, home buying is delegated to long lunches, evenings of research, and weekend viewings. My normal routines–weeknight yoga, visiting my folks, cooking dinner–have fallen entirely to the wayside.

I’m spent and we haven’t even scratched the surface of the legal aspects of home buying. You know…the actual home buying parts. More to come as I figure that out.

But until then,
I’ll be right here.


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