Sunday Funday – hello from Washington, DC!

Happy Sunday! The Man and I are celebrating Christmas on the East Coast this year, so here are my recommendations for what to read, listen to, eat, and do the next time you’re in DC.

READ. The first thing we did once we’d settled into our AirBNB was find the nearest movie theater and watch The Force Awakens. This led to lots of great speculation on the future direction of the latest trilogy, and some reflection on the previous ones. Here’s a not-so-crazy fan theory that Jar Jar Binks is actually a Sith lord that actually makes a lot of sense…but it doesn’t look like The Force Awakens is going in that direction. Damn!

LISTEN TO. My Mother gave me a protip before our trip: instead of paying for expensive walking tours of historical cities, download a tour app for cheap/free! We the National Park Service’s NPS National Mall app, and it was fantastic.

EAT. Luke’s Lobster, located just south of Chintatown. There is nothing as tasty as lobster and it’s worth paying the primo price at Luke’s. Droooool. (They also have locations in Chicago and NYC, in case you’re there.)

DO. Tell your partner if they have food in their teeth. Please, just do it. Save them the embarrassment of spending an entire day taking tourist photos with breakfast still visible in every smile.


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