Sunday Funday – November 15

Happy Sunday! Here are my recommendations for what to read, listen to, eat, and do from my adventures this week. This should keep you busy while Im busy with work and house-settling!

READ. A Modest Destiny, the first webcomic I ever read. :’) My favorite character is obviously Slime, who is so cute.

LISTEN TO. My mother turned me on to the podcast Hello, from the Magic Tavern! As she puts it, it’s meant for 13 year old boys who find dick jokes hilarious everyone. I think the show is winding down and prepping for a spinoff, so now’s the time to start listening!

EAT. I volunteered at the Carnival O’ Pizza, a partnership between Austin Bat Cave and Homeslice Pizza, again this year. It is a fantastic event that is great fun for kids, but awesome for adults, too! And who can resist a tasty Homeslice slice with thin crust that folds perfectly in half for easy eating? I can’t.

DO. Make a custom headboard for your bed. Seriously– it’s an inexpensive, DIY-friendly way to make your room feel like your own! A custom headboard is a beautiful focal point and can showcase your love for colors, sparkles, and textures through your choice of fabric…but you could also incorporate additional storage or lighting.

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