Sunday Funday – May 1

Happy Sunday! If you didn’t know, I’m a huge politics nerd. Here are my 100% bipartisan recommendations for what to read, listen to, eat, and do from my adventures this week. (Image from ABC News.)

READ. This quality reporting on the White House Correspondents Dinner after party. A highlight:

“We just this year got an au pair!” said an old white guy, who looked important, under an oil portrait of another white guy, the Marquis de Lafayette.

LISTEN TO. Thirty minutes of sick burns from President Obama at the aforementioned White House Correspondents Dinner. (I have such a huge crush on Obama, you guys. I doubt I will get to see another president who is able to incorporate style, personality, intelligence, and humility so seamlessly into their every move again in my lifetime.)

EAT. Throw your Thursday night dinner waaaay back to the days of the young US and eat like our two greatest explorers: Lewis and Clark. One September 18, 1805, they enjoyed a hearty stew of candles, bear oil, portable soup, and horse meat. #throwbackthursday #morelikethrowupthursday

DO. Vote! Austin is voting on May 7 whether or not to require ride-sharing drivers like those driving for Lyft and Uber to undergo mandatory fingerprint background checks. Your vote matters! Go vote!

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