Sunday Funday – March 13

It’s Daylight Savings and I have no idea what time it is or when I’m supposed to eat dinner because the sun is refusing to set. Here are my recommendations for what to read, listen to, eat, and do from my adventures this week.

READ. SXSW is in full swing and this article beautifully illustrates what it means to spend a weekend in Austin.

LISTEN TO. Fresh Air‘s overview of the 1927 Supreme Court ruling of Buck v. Bell, which states that the sterilization of those deemed to be “unfit” was not a violation of 14th Amendment Rights. Yes, eugenics have been condoned by the US Supreme Court. No, the ruling has never been overturned.

EAT. The cured salmon toast at Epicerie. So. tasty. They are a great brunch option if you’re looking for tasty but not fussy. Plus, they have a cheese counter. Who can resist a cheese counter?

DO. Download the LikeThat Garden app, snap a photo of a mystery plant in your yard, and voila! Plant identified. Did you know my yard features some beautiful jerusalem sage and a very, very large loquat tree? I didn’t either.

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