Sunday Funday – January 24

Happy Sunday! Here are my recommendations for what to read, listen to, eat, and do from my adventures this week. 

READ. Did you watch Netflix’s Making a Murderer? You need to read this. Yes, the whole thing. An excerpt:

“[The filmmakers] also omit important evidence against him, including the fact that Brendan Dassey confessed to helping Avery move Halbach’s S.U.V. into his junk yard, where Avery lifted the hood and removed the battery cable. Investigators subsequently found DNA from Avery’s perspiration on the hood latch—evidence that would be nearly impossible to plant.”

LISTEN TO. This father and daughter duo (or so says YouTube) beatboxing. Mind. blown.

EAT. Blue Dahlia Bistro is great for breakfast and lunch on a sunny weekend. Their homemade pomegranate lemonade sells out, so be quick!

DO. Don’t slam on your brakes on the access road of a major highway because you’ve missed your turn into a side street. Whatever is waiting for you on that side street– even if it’s $939 million Powerball winnings– is not worth killing yourself and three cars behind you coming in off the access road at 50 miles an hour. Do what the rest of us do when we don’t want to kill someone and drive up to the next stop light, make a u-turn, then try again.

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