Sunday Funday – January 17

Happy Sunday! Here are my recommendations for what to read, listen to, eat, and do from my adventures this week. 

READ7 reasons your wife is stressed out all the time. Or your girlfriend, baby momma, momma-momma, sister, girlfriend, coworker, or other female who assumes a caretaker role. Seriously– read this and share it with your female friends to commiserate, then share it with your partner to help them understand.

LISTEN TO. Snoop Dogg narrating this clip from Planet Earth featuring mongooses otters. I hope he assumes the role of Chief Narration Badass when Morgan Freeman retires.

EAT.  Eastside Cafe’s blue plate seasonal special is the best way to start your day. While you’re there, try their frozen lemonade and take a walk through their gorgeous vegetable garden. It’s nice inspiration for those of us ramping up for spring. Or at least thinking about ramping up for spring. (I’m an optimist.)

DO. Watch Furious 7 and try not to throw your glass at the TV because it is so terrible. Seriously. Is it just me?

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