Sunday Funday – February 21

Here are my recommendations for what to read, listen to, eat, and do from my adventures this week.

READ. The continuation of Brandon Sanderson’s classic Mistborn series, starting with The Alloy of Law. It’s all of the dramatic political upheaval and moral ambiguity of the Mistborn series but with guns and spurs and airships!

LISTEN TO. Blondie’s Heart of Glass. Such a classic.

EAT.  This quick-and-easy tortilla soup. Full of flavor and requiring absolutely minimal effort, it’s a great option for a Sunday night dinner when you don’t feel like doing anything (so every Sunday night).

DO. Vote! Early voting in Texas runs through Friday February 26, with election day on March 1. If you’re not sure who’s running, check out the League of Women Voters’ guide.

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