Sunday Funday – Father’s Day!

Happy Sunday, and Happy Father’s Day! I’m delighted to dedicate this post to my dad, who I lovingly call Padre. Here are recommendations for what to read, listen to, eat, and do this week à la Dad. 

READ. REAMDE by Neal Stephenson. My father turned me on to Neal Stephenson when he introduced me to Snow Crash in early high school. Stephenson is an incredibly intelligent writer and, like any good sci fi author, a futurist. He also writes strong, badass women in all of his novels. REAMDE is no exception.

LISTEN TO. Tangerine Dream, a German electronica band originally founded in late 1960s West Germany. Ambient and deep, Tangerine Dream makes fantastic driving music (and my Dad certainly loves driving). Golden Earring is another one of his favorites; also fantastic for road trips!

EAT. Apple pie with cheese. My Padre makes the best apple pie–good enough that my neighborhood friends (now grown adults) will still come over to my parents’ house for a slice if they get word it’s been baked. Pies last about 24 hours in our house. Each slice is always accompanied by a thick slice of sharp cheddar cheese, which is the absolutely perfect complement to the light fruitiness of the baked apples.

DO. Thank your Dad for everything he’s taught you. I’m fortunate to have a father who taught me how to change a tire, shoot a gun, make a classic pancake breakfast, use a power drill, stick with something I want nothing more than to quit, read ravenously, explain a complicated subject clearly, use deductive reasoning, and how to love and support someone unconditionally.

Thanks, Padre. I love you.

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