Sunday Funday – April 24

Happy Sunday! I’m happy to report that nothing outrageous has happened this week and nothing in my house is broken and it’s definitely not my fault. Here are my recommendations for what to read, listen to, eat, and do if your garbage disposal didn’t take 8 hours to replace today. (Shout out to The Man and his Dad for untangling that mess.)

READ. About how the salmon you’re eating may be full of drugs. That’s right. Drugs.

LISTEN TO. While you paint the guest room because breaking a paintbrush ain’t no big thang compared to having to replace an entire garbage disposal, check out the Presidential podcast from The Washington Post.

EAT. This super-scrumptious and oh-so-easy crockpot tortilla soup. Crockpot soup is pretty much how I live my life right now as I’m juggling a new job, continual home updates, and the need to sleep every once in a while. (Chicken optional, if you care about that kind of thing.)

DO. Feed friendly chickens black oil sunflower seeds. They go crazy for those little bastards.


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