Stress cooking is the best cooking

Hurricane Patricia has touched down in southwest Mexico and Texas is bracing itself for a weekend of record rains. Early reports say we can expect 5-10 inches of rain, with some pockets of the state taking on 15 inches in two days. I generally love storms but, now that the house has been officially purchased, I’m a billion percent sure that the rain and winds are going to come in, plow through the house, and it’ll all be washed away in an instant. Irrational, I know.

I’ve never actually been this anxious before, so I’ve decided to keep myself occupied by cooking my favorite things this weekend. Are you hungry? Good.

BREAKFAST. (Vegetarian) biscuits and gravy. If you don’t love biscuits and gravy, you’re not living your life right. This is my go-to weekend breakfast recipe, made even easier by using a tube of Pillsbury biscuits and substituting a sprig of rosemary in place of sage. Meat-eaters: The Man (a carnivore) loves this recipe with vegetarian sausage, but feel free to sub in the real stuff instead.

LUNCH. Paneer Makhani. Crockpots are god’s gift to lazy, hungry people like me, and they cook up a curry beautifully as the low-and-slow approach gives every flavor a chance to develop. “Makhani” means “with butter” but, oddly enough, this recipe involves none. Instead, richness comes through thanks to (generous) use of heavy cream and yoghurt. If you want to minimize clean up, pick up some crockpot liners and save yourself the trouble.

DINNER. Lemon-pepper salmon. Again, a low-effort, high-taste dish. Salmon is the one fish I’ve learned how to cook well consistently, so we eat a lot of it. The sharpness of the lemon pepper is a great complement to the richness of the fish, and lemon pepper jives well with some healthy green vegetables on the side.

I’m drooling, guys. If you try any of these recipes, let me know what you think!

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