New Years Resolutions (and a confession)

I know New Years resolutions are cliché and that some of you are thinking “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Give it a rest!” However, I’m a big believer in the New Years Resolution. For whatever reason, New Years resolutions are the one time a year where I am capable of making dramatic lifestyle changes without too much trouble.

Full disclosure: my resolutions are rarely altruistic or noble. In fact, they tend to inconvenience the people around me. As an example, I resolved to ban the use of any electronic device with a screen in the bedroom for the duration of 2015. No laptop, no iPhone, no TV, no iPad (but yes Kindle because ~I love books~). Combine this with my caffeine-free policy, and I now sleep better than ever.

Unfortunately, this is a nuisance for The Man. I’ve nagged him out of the bedroom quite a few times when all he wants to do is cozy down for his last few more minutes of screen time. I don’t like nagging him or kicking him out of the bed; both of those things make me feel selfish. It’s not completely fair for me to draw an unnecessary line in the sand and not allow him to choose which side to stand on.

I also spent an entire year in college buying things only on sale: clothes, school supplies, bus passes, etc. If I couldn’t get it for less than retail price, whether through a sale, bundle deal, or student discount, I didn’t buy it. My roommate, bless her, dealt with this wonderfully and indulged my newfound diet of cereal, hummus, salmon, and whipped cream as best she could.

My largest lifestyle change, though, was the resolution to eat a meat-free diet in 2014. No real reason behind this one– I just thought it would be a fun challenge. And it has been! I’ve learned to cook more things, try new foods, and have enjoyed feeling the best I’ve ever felt.

Confession time: Well, that was the case until I had a bite of my mother’s homemade meatloaf last week.

Oh my god, you guys. MEATLOAF IS SO TASTY. Really, I knew this. Meatloaf is not a new concept for me, and I enjoyed it very much growing up. But oh my god it’s so tasty. I can feel myself derailing form the vegetarian train. Every time I open the refrigerator, the last slice of meatloaf calls to me.

But that’s a slippery slope. If I work meat back into my diet, then I also open up the opportunity for other unhealthy habits: processed frozen foods will become a real option again, and so will fast food. And fast food always turns me into a total slug.

So, I persevere. I felt so guilty about my brief love affair with meatloaf that I even ate a salad this week. >:( Lettuce is a pathetic excuse for a food.

Do you make resolutions in the New Year? What should I resolve for 2016? All ideas, no matter how outrageous, are welcome!

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