New Year, New You? Nah.

Remember how I resolved to learn to sew in 2016? No? Me neither. That’s why I didn’t follow through on my resolution and why I have paid someone else to have curtains hemmed, seams re-sewn, and dresses taken in over the last twelve months. As a firm believer in exchanging currency for services rendered by a qualified professional who can do a much better job at whatever task than I can, I don’t feel too guilty.

Historically, I’ve stuck to my New Year’s resolutions. I was a successful vegetarian for a few years, bought only goods on sale for a year, and cut out using my laptop in bed. All of these resolutions have developed into meaningful habits that have stuck with me; I eat meat on the side, budget and shop consciously, and my bed has become a sacred space for relaxation only. Sewing didn’t work out, though, perhaps because it wasn’t something that could develop into a habit, just a hobby.

On the heels of not following through with the 2016 plan, I’m going back to focusing on habits, not hobbies. This year, no formal New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I’m going to figure out ways to measure my regular, everyday habits–books I read, walks I take, mantras I chant, budgets I fund, sights I see. Not sure how I’m going to do all of these things in a meaningful way yet, but that’s the plan.

Wish me luck!

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