Spiritual enlightenment through…networking?

I feel so energized tonight. I spent the evening watching people connect with each other, and it was exactly the spiritual pick-me-up I needed to get through the rest of the week.

For context, I had a networking event after work today. Networking events are typically not my idea of a fun night…but tonight I could see the connection between people. The professional connection between my colleague with an author; the ideological connection myself and a young woman leading a separate meet up group; the creative connection between a hopeful zine publisher and a new artist she’s hoping to feature in an upcoming edition.

Common ground was found. Chakras were awakened. Minds were melded. And all because everyone there, in a relatively short period of time, honestly expressed their deepest hopes. And because everyone else received those hopes, acknowledged them, and encouraged them.

There was so much possibility for relationships to begin and dreams to be reached. The way the universe somehow brought together all of those people in the same geographic space by what feels like chance…I am not a religious person; I do not worship a god, nor do I have any interest in doing so. I know the universe is out there working some magic, though. And it’s awesome.

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