Merry Merry 2016

Hello, friends!

We hope this letter finds you well and enjoying the holiday season. For our friends up north, stay warm. For our friends in the south, stay cool. For our friends abroad, good luck with whatever weather is happening wherever you are.

The Man and I spent the holidays in chilly New York last year, but are staying home in warm Texas to be with our families this year. A lot has happened since that trip to NYC. Let’s recap.

The Man’s employer sent him to Australia a few times this year to work with the team he manages from Austin. His trips are largely spent working, but each gives him a chance to explore the country a little more. On his most recent adventure, he spent a day cycling around Sydney and exploring the harbor (but continues to miss out on snuggling a koala). He’s also just finished building a new computer to fuel his gaming obsession and is trying to set up his office to be the darkest room in the house…reliving those good-ol’ college days. As I type this, he’s trying to wedge his new desk through a doorway. It’s going about as well as you might expect.

For my part, I got a new job in early spring. I left book publishing and am now in marketing in the travel industry. Working in the travel industry has its perks, including periodic travel to beautiful places like Breckenridge, but also plenty of paid time off every year. I spent one of those weeks at Disneyworld’s Food and Wine Festival. If you haven’t gone before, you must. The festival is miles and miles of extremely tasty small plates, endless varieties of alcohol, and trying not to vomit on the spinning teacups.

I was also invited to join the PEO Sisterhood, a philanthropic organization working to promote educational opportunities for women worldwide. It is a cause very close to my heart as the PEO Sisterhood supported my own education, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to give back.

Perhaps the most exciting part of our year, though, was getting Brodie, our goldendoodle pup. He is a floppy, drooly delight to have in our house and I’ve accepted that we’ll never have clean floors again. Brodie is a wonderfully friendly dog, always happy to stick his nose in someone’s crotch, and has finally figured out how to bring the ball back after you throw it. We immediately became the cliché white, middle-class family that takes our designer dog to the neighborhood farmers market every weekend to buy kale. I love every second of it.

As you may recall, The Man purchased our house in Austin last year. We’re proud to report that we have successfully ripped out the last of the original orangey-pink tile, gutted our hall bathroom down to the studs, discovered the source of a strange smell that had been lurking under the sink for months, and learned that it is never worth the hassle to DIY crown moulding. We are looking forward to giving the place a good scrub and relaxing in a fully-finished home.

If you’re ever in Austin, we now have a guest bedroom ready and waiting to host you!


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