I love my new job for stupid reasons

Starting a new job is a combination of roller-coaster terrifying and I’m-so-proud-let’s-put-it-on-the-fridge fulfilling. I’m enjoying the process a lot, shoving old info out of my brain and cramming in as much new stuff as possible, and there are a few everyday delights that get me past the creeping doubt of “Oh, god, what if I muck it all up?”

  • Working for the software department of a tech company means I am one of the few women in the office. As such, I enjoy virtually guaranteed private pee trips. Every bio-break is a three minute personal meditation opportunity in the most peaceful, deserted part of the office. I can feel my chakras aligning as soon as I walk in the bathroom and see every stall is unoccupied.
  • I walk around wearing a spine-friendly backpack complete with chest buckles and padded shoulder straps and none of my co-workers can judge me because they’re also walking around wearing spine-friendly backpacks complete with chest buckles and padded shoulder straps. Neeeeeerds!
  • There is an abundance of teaspoons available in the kitchen. My last office experienced a severe lack of teaspoons and it drove me crazy. Who wants to use a giant table spoon for stirring their tea?
  • My office mates don’t know how much I swear yet so they think I’m a dignified, lady-like human being. Poor bastards.

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