It’s not your house until…

…you pick up and eat something you dropped on the floor. Now the housegerms are inside me and we have become one. >:3

Hey Readers! Just checking in to say thanks for sticking with me as The Man and I move into the house and get our hands dirty sprucing up the place. I’m in full-on maintenance mode instead of “regularly scheduled blog” mode. Instead of being at a keyboard, I am fussing around the house with a paintbrush in one hand and a screwdriver in the other. While I’m happy to report that the house doesn’t need a lot of work, there are many things that need to be polished up to keep us both busy. Unfortunately, many of these things aren’t resolved instantly and I have very little patience. I’m learning to cope.

In case you’re wondering, we’ve accomplished a lot. Not only has The Man run some new electrical, we’ve also gutted some closets, spackled and painted many walls, ripped up the utility room, fake-frosted some windows (who puts a huge window looking out onto the front porch in the bathroom?!), ripped out superfluous cables, sprayed foam to fill holes from aforementioned superfluous cables, and begun replacing plugs and plates throughout. We still have a laundry list of tasks to get through, like installing crown molding and replacing light fixtures.

While this is generally very exciting, it’s also emotionally exhausting. My routine has been entirely thrown off, which means I’ve forgotten things like eating regularly. I cannot, for the life of me, find anything in the boxes we packed– including clothing. I’ve been wearing the same pair of pants for four days and they smell bad, but I’m picking my battles and that’s not one I’m going to win anytime soon.

All of these things combined mean I’m primed for a meltdown. I did lose it last night as we were working through electrical and painting touch ups on things. Although I couldn’t really tell you why I felt so defeated and sad all of the sudden, I was overwhelmed by those two emotions and laid down and cried and felt bad for myself. The Man was extremely confused but handled it well: once he convinced me to get out of bed the mattress on the floor, he showed me how to install new electrical plugs. And all of the ones I installed work!

One step at a time. I’m feeling positive.

But until then,
I’ll be right here.

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