I have a new job!

I gave notice at my job today and it. felt. amazing. Why did I put in my two weeks? Because I am the newest member of HomeAway Software’s marketing team! Who’s feeling like a boss? I’m feeling like a boss.

like a boss

It felt so awesome and freeing to give notice at my current job. I feel like I’m one thousand percent in control of my future. Like I’ve just snatched up something not-totally-clear-but-definitely-there-goal that’s been taunting me inches away from my fingertips. It’s mine. I have conquered it. I am a winner. The winner is me.


To be clear, I did not leave my job in publishing because it was terrible. On the contrary, it was a pretty good gig. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful boss for whom I genuinely feel a great deal of love and appreciate. She’s given me many opportunities and endless encouragement while working under her tutelage. I have great co-workers who became close friends. I do feel some guilt about leaving the people who have given me so much…but I don’t feel guilty for looking for new opportunities for myself.

This job offers me the chance to develop new skills, work with new audiences. To learn new technologies and dive deeply into a new industry. It’s a new challenge and I’m so excited and happy and ready. I’m also nervous, curious, and anxious. I’m feeling so many feelings at once that I can’t figure out how to express them in any way other than to make squealing noises and wrap myself in blankets in an attempt to create some sort of bubble that will preserve all my happiness.

You guys, I’m so freakin’ excited.

kermit excited

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