2015 post-holiday present roundup!

Now that I’ve recovered from the holiday blitz that is the end of the year, I’m enjoying some luxurious down time full of nothingness, not having to socialize, and planning how to spend the holiday gift cards that are burning a hole in my pocket. If you have a few that you are similarly eager to spend, I have some recommendations for you!


UGG Australia’s Blanche Cotton Bathrobe ($69.99) – For however hideous UGG boots may be, especially when the reinforced heel starts to squash down and crinkle, they are delightfully comfortable on your feet. It only makes sense that UGG would make the softest, happiest, coziest bathrobe of all time. Seriously, this bathrobe feels like you’re being swaddled in a warm cloud. This robe is even more comfortable than yoga pants. Yeah, I went there.

Squatty Potty ($28.00) – Everybody poops! I won’t talk about this one too much, but suffice to say the Squatty Potty has improved my intestinal…health. (Yeah, I don’t have a good way to say that.) But, really. Go buy one. Not joking.

This unicorn can it explain it better than I can:

LEGO Star Wars Death Star ($399.99) – Heartbreakingly, I didn’t receive this gift. One of my girlfriends–who is an absolute Lego fanatic– added this one to her extensive Star Wars-themed Lego collection. She was smiling such a huge, shit-eating grin as she jabbered excitedly about the intricacies of the set including the decals, secret trap doors, and functional trash compactor walls. But get this one fast– they’re discontinuing the set and prices are going to skyrocket.

Of course, the best Christmas present ever is obviously someone close to you getting a puppy. You get all of the goodness of snuggles, cute faces and tiny puppy grumbles with none of the interrupted sleep or messes. (Shout out to my brother, his girlfriend, and their new doggo!)

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