Holes in my house…but not for long!

Who’s got two thumbs and is on a roll with this homeownership business? The Man does.

After demolition of our guest bathroom, the Man decided to continue the home improvements. Commit 110%. All-in. Rip it all off like a band-aid. Currently, this looks like many small demolition sites in various rooms of the house but starting next week, this will begin to look like completed projects. For now, here are pictures of the current state of affairs.

When we bought the house, our hallway ceiling was covered in a sort of patterned tile. It was ugly and made the hallway feel oddly short, so The Man ripped all of that business right off. I like to think that the staples left behind are just freckles for the ceiling.


(There’s also a moderately-sized hole in our hallway ceiling, but I’m too scared to walk or stand under it to get a good picture. I am just paranoid enough that some terrifying mutant creature will drop out of the ceiling and land on my face to avoid the spot as much as possible.)

The bathroom still looks like this, and is probably going to be the last project that is tackled. We had a plumber repair the broken pipes, but there’s still some gut work to do before we can replace walls and begin tiling.


And this is the hole where our kitchen sink once was. We’re repairing some of the adjacent cabinetry and re-sealing the countertop, so for the time being I’m enjoying eating things that I didn’t have to cook.


More updates coming as projects are completed!

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