Happy birthday to me! ?

Yesterday was my birthday and, coincidentally, the first birthday of this blog. I wish I had something profound or particularly thought-provoking to share about blogging–how it changed me to helped me refine my writing skills or drew me closer into a new community– but I don’t. I wrote some things; some of them were good, some of them were pointless, but all of them were written. ??

Although it wasn’t the most exciting birthday I’ve had, yesterday was perhaps the best birthday. With a new puppy and plenty on my plate at work and in life, I simply didn’t have the energy to celebrate (although next year is going to be a good one–drunk spelling bee, anyone?). I sat around at a friend’s house watching her play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword while I ate fried chicken and delicious homemade mac and cheese. It was quiet, it was calm, and it was perfect.

Thanks for all the good birthday wishes, friends. I’m excited to share the next year with you. ❤️

ps– Hooray! The dog is taking a nap on the floor. I am going to enjoy a four minute nap on the couch while I can. ?

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