I threw a Hail Mary pass

It’s Tuesday. We make the official move into the new house tomorrow. In the last few days, every loose end has been tied up by nothing more than the grace of whatever god is out there. Everything that we wanted to have taken care of is taken care of.

Our sub-letter signs the paperwork on Wednesday morning. We have enough cardboard boxes to construct a small fort, which means we’ve packed everything. We’re getting all new furniture and appliances. I’m slowly gaining confidence in my ability to decorate an entire house so that it looks less like a dorm room and more like an adult lives there. Electrical installation and wall patching on the house went fairly quickly. We’re developing a plan for mitigating any potential flooding, which is something we have to keep our eye on. I’ve got lists of all the things that need to be taken care of in the house, and a plan for taking care of them.

But the fat red checkmarks next to my to-do lists would not be possible without dozens of people. What seems like luck or good fortune is really just the result of The Man and I being surrounded by incredibly generous, supportive people.

The leasing office of the apartment complex has been extremely helpful in getting our sub-letter approved pronto to minimize the financial overlap between apartment rent and mortgage payments. My coworkers spent weeks collecting boxes for me, each of which has been jam-packed with our things. Brett, an extremely generous friend, gave us his old washer/dryer set, Steve is giving us a his spare microwave, and the previous owners of the house decided they didn’t want to move their fridge and sold it to us for cheap. Maryn, has been coaching me (very gently) on basic design principles and giving me a lot of confidence in my ability to make a house look and feel comfortable. Carly lent us her fiancé, an electrician, to consult on some questionable wiring, which The Man and his father worked on for hours this weekend. John, a land manager by trade, has agreed to consult on landscaping and water re-routing tactics. Sarah has poured over every detail of the house with me and helped me figure out how to make a plan of attack that doesn’t leave me overwhelmed. Jodi and Phil lent us air mattresses because The Man managed to sell all of our furniture, which means we don’t need to pay movers hundreds of dollars. Not to mention the countless people, particularly Kim, who has listened to me talk this house and move to death.

All of this in the last week. I threw the Hail Mary pass and the people around me caught it. Each of these people deserve more thanks than pizza and beer can provide, and their contributions and support have made this house the house into our house.

I want to cry because this experience has been such a powerful example of community and friendship. Seriously, guys. Thank you.


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  1. You go girl!!! I am so happy to hear that things are going well with the house. If there is any help I can lend with decorating or unpacking, please let me know! xo

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