Hi! My name is Magdalene and today is my 25th birthday. A lot of great things are happening in my life right now, and I anticipate many more great things will happen in the future. But Until Then was born to help me never forget the exciting things happening in my life.

To catch you up on what’s happened so far:

  • I’ve got a great parents and a wonderful brother who love and support me
  • About a year and a half ago I met this guy, who has been the best partner a girl could ask for
  • You can find me working in publishing from 9-to-5
  • All of this goodness happens in Austin, Texas, where it is hot as Hell itself

Equally as much as I want to remember the things happening now, I’m excited for all the things happening in the future. A lot is going to change this year: Kevin is buying a house, I’m taking more aggressive steps to paying off my student loan debt, and maybe I’ll even learn how to take care of a pet something.

But until then,
I’ll be right here.

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