(Easter) Sunday Funday – March 27

Happy Easter Sunday or, for those of you so inclined, Happy Zombie Jesus Day! I’ve made friends with one of our neighbor’s chickens, who hangs out with me as I work in the garden and pecks up any bugs I come across. I have named her Henrietta. 

Here are my recommendations for what to read, listen to, eat, and do from my solo adventures this week.

READ. This sick burn straight outta Mexico.

LISTEN TO. This explanation/exploration of our country’s complicated primary election system. (Terry Gross is my hero.)

EAT. Eggs in a biscuit.

DO. Check out Pioneer Farms in Northeast Austin. They threw a great after-hours-adults-only Easter Egg hunt, complete with a Texas Swing band and plenty of booze. They regularly host many other cool classes, including a cheese-making class. Who doesn’t want a cheese-making class!?

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