I made a bed and I really, really hate it.

You guys, I DIY’d a bed and I hate it.

Super hate it. Super-de-duper-fucking hate it. Right now, in my emotional state of upset and disappointment and mad, the only thing I want to do right now is take it apart and throw the pieces off a cliff. That’s how much I hate it.

The frame we constructed is beautiful but clashes terribly with the headboard. The sheets and comforters we own have no business whatsoever juxtaposing against the frame or the headboard. The headboard shape doesn’t even go with the simplicity of the frame, for god’s sake!

The separate parts are pretty but when I put them together they are a total disaster. Is this something styling can fix? New headboard fabric? I have no idea, but I do know I have absolutely no sense of style whatsoever. This is the exact reason why I wear gray sweaters and denim everyday.

The real problem, though, isn’t the way it looks. I can take the headboard off, buy new sheets, maybe swap out the legs. The real problem though is that I’m so furious with myself for spending so much time on making the damn thing only to have it turn out to be such a disappointment. Not only do I feel like a miserable failure, I also feel like a terrible partner for putting The Man through an entire, four-week ordeal of obsessing and talking about and making the fucking thing only for me to realize that I really, really hate it.

Excuse me while I go find a hammer.


5 thoughts on “I made a bed and I really, really hate it.”

  1. Back away from the bed!

    First of all, not an easy thing to build. So congratulate yourself on that front.

    Second, the headboard goes well with the drapes. So just find a neutral, light bed spread and some pillows that pull it all together. And you’re golden!

    p.s. for some reason the photo is showing up upside down on my end.

    1. Maybe a yellow or cream bedspread? I have some soft sage green throw pillows that could either go with it or clash miserably. Hm…

      p.s. Is image displaying correctly now?

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