Hi, I’m Magdalene!

That’s me on the left. I’m a 20-something who has lived in Austin, Texas for much of my life, with a five year detour to the midwest and abroad for university. I live with my significant other, Kevin, who shares my love of travel. (Our first international trip together began with a truck stuck in the mud and the Federales pointing guns in our faces. It’s all been uphill from there).

When I’m not at my 9-to-5, I enjoy a fairly relaxed yoga practice, reading fantasy novels, and pretending to clean my house. Two of my favorite things ever are lemonade and crossword puzzles, although cold puppy noses and excessively-buttered popcorn come in a close second. And board games. I love me some board games.

Of the two of us, Kevin generally has fewer things to say. “I am Kevin” is all he wanted to contribute to his bio, so that’s all he gets. Pbbbt.

About the blog

Thanks to Freepik for the cactus graphic and Dafont for the sweet, sweet font. I wish my handwriting looked like that.