8 reasons I’m glad we bought a house

  1. I didn’t know what to do with my weekends anyway. Why relax when I could instead obsess over all the things that could be someday if I only had infinite resources? This sounds incredibly ungrateful, but I’m going to say it anyway: the burden of possibility is crushing my soul.
  2. Furnishing and decorating a house is a daunting task that reminds me how little taste I have. Thankfully, it’s my damn house so I can fill it with whatever I want even if it looks like shit! 😀
  3. When I break things, it is now my problem. Or, more accurately, The Man’s problem. Thankfully, he is gracious partner who possesses much more patience than I do. And I’m learning so many new things, like how to patch drywall and install crown moulding which I will never do again ever because it is the worst thing ever.
  4. If I don’t have paint in my hair, what am I? My tape lines are so crisp and clean that you might as well start calling me Piet Mondrian.
  5. The Man and I are learning to communicate in new ways. When you upgrade from a one bedroom apartment to a house proper, you have to upgrade your communication style as well. In this case, that simply means shouting at each other from the other side of the house.
    “Hey, baby, can you something-something-muffled-something?”

    “Whaaaat? I can’t hear you.”
  6. I now have to mow a yard. But we purchased a reel mower which sounds like a spaceship when you push it around. So there’s that.
  7. “Where is that smell coming from?” is a game we play now. It is not a fun game. No one wins.
  8. I’ve restructured how I think. Maybe it’s because I constantly feel overwhelmed, but I’ve learned to think “What can I do to make me feel more comfortable right now?” Although the approach does not often yield a permanent and polished solution, it does yield a great deal of peace of mind. I’ll take it.

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